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Directed By Karen Christl and Susan Harding-Smith July 27th 28th August 2nd,3rd,4th,9th,10th,11th A Murder Mystery Theatre Restaurant Enjoy the play, enjoy a meal, then you work out who done it! So What's the Mystery Here? Members of the Marchfield Amateur Drama company are rehearsing a period murder mystery. Amongst the assembled company we find :- Cathy James: The producer of the murder mystery evening, a leading light in MAD. A very organised lady who likes to organise other people too. Derek Sharp: The company's leading man and considered (by himself) to be quite good-looking, suave and sophisticated. Fiona Barnes: One of the actresses. Kind-hearted and gentle. Jenny Morris: Another actress, but cynical, brash, even hard. Shelagh Harris: A third actress. At first appearance very typical British middle class, but it turns out she's not as up-tight as she might appear. Eye-witness 1 Eye-witness 2 Eye-witness 3 On the surface - a typical village theatre, but underneath - jealousies lurk and the group harbours someone capable of murder! Rehearsals are interrupted by the news of an unexpected death. Three eye- witnesses come forward with information. Can the audience find out the truth?