Mousetrap Theatre Company Inc.
Redcliffe’s Premier  Little Theatre Company
Auditions Open Audition Notice Ken Ludwig’s “Lend Me a Tenor” Directed by June Tretheway Set   in   1934,   the   manager   of   the   Cleveland   Grand   Opera   is   set   to   welcome   the   world   famous,   Italian   tenor,   Tito Merelli   in   the   lead   role   of   Otello.      With   blood   pressure   running   high   and   a   sold   out   opera   house,   the   stakes   are high.      The   ladies   of   the   opera   house   are   circling   to   catch   a   glimpse   of   Tito,   and   if   the   chance   arises,   pursue   Tito even   further.   Max,   tasked   with   the   job   of   ensuring   Tito   makes   it   onstage,   loses   control,   and   the   antics   rapidly descend   into   farce.   Max   doses   Tito   up   with   too   many   drugs   to   calm   his   nerves.      With   Tito   out   of   commission, Max and Saunders hatch a ridiculous plan. This laugh-a-minute comedy is absolute farce! Seeking 4 Males and 4 Females Saunders (M, 40-50’s) Highly-strung theatre producer, American accent Max (M, 20’s – 30’s) Assistant to Saunders, likeable, affable, naïve, American and Italian accent, tenor singing voice, kissing scenes Diana (F, 30’s) Drop-dead gorgeous soprano (does not sing), glamorous, seductress, American accent, kissing scenes Julia (F, 50-70) Chair of the Cleveland Grand Opera, matriarch, efficient, cultured, American accent Maggie (F, 20s) Max’s girlfriend, Saunders’ daughter, seemingly innocent, American accent, kissing scenes Tito (M, 30-50) Italian opera star, passionate, Italian accent, tenor voice, kissing scenes Maria (F, 30-50) Tito’s wife, jealous, volatile, passionate, busty, Italian accent Bellhop (M, 20-50) Agile, fit, able to do physical comedy, catty, American accent Wednesday, 28 November at 7pm Mousetrap Theatre For more information or for the audition pieces contact June Tretheway 0417 191 235 or  (Performances 22 February – 10 March 2019)