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Audition date and time: Sunday December 13th at 2.00pm

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons.
Performance dates:
February 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 at 7.30pm
February 14, 21, 28 at 2.00pm
For further details please contact Susan:
0434 991 230

The Great British Bump Off.
Copyright 2016 by Lesley Gunn
A Lazy Bee Scripts publication.

Announcing auditions for our next production, a murder Mystery where the audience get to play detective.
As baking fever hits the country, the village fete organisers in the usually sleepy village of Crabblebottom are delighted when celebrity chef Eduardo D’Angelo takes up residence in the village and agrees to judge the annual cake baking competition.  But this year there is a change of plan, as the bake-off turns into a bump-off.
All cast, will be in the first section of the show which is a scripted storyline leading up to the murder. The next segment of the show is an interrogation, the audience will ask the characters questions to try to work out whodunnit. This section will require Improvisation skills, which we will practice during the rehearsal period. At the end, the final scene is played out and the murderer revealed. This play has alternate endings, so you’ll be expected to learn slightly different versions of the final scene. The cast will be expected to learn their lines over the Christmas break so we can come back in the new year ready to hit the stage running.
Character ages are flexible, and gender swaps may be possible in some of the roles. Some of the roles are smaller, and a great opportunity for new actors to get onto the stage.
Character Descriptions
Major Gordon Watt - an elderley man, a bit absent minded and deaf at times.  He is a well-presented ex-army officer who heads up the Fete committee.
Philip Stanton - member of the Fete committee, married to Hilary.  He is quite outgoing and loud at times, but devoted to his wife.
Hilary Stanton - member of the committee.  Ardent baker and determined to succeed in her own business to prove she doesn’t live in her husband’s shadow.
Patricia McLaren - current judge of the cake competition and member of the committee.  She is generally not liked in the village, but has lots of influence.  Always well dressed and groomed.
Eduardo D’Angelo - Celebrity chef who has recently moved to the village.  He has a persona that comes across as a bit of a ladies man and a charmer in front of his fans/an audience/in public.  But he has a hidden past.
Caroline Fountain - one of the bakers.  A traditional type and has lived in the village for a long time.  Generally well liked, and a huge fan of Eduardo D’Angelo.
Sarah Mead - a bit new-age in appearance.  She is treated with some suspicion by some of the villagers after the disappearance of her husband.
Detective Sam Nelson - investigating officer who happens to be at the Fete.  (The character can be male or female).
Sophie - villager and baker.
Maisie - villager and baker.

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