Mousetrap Theatre Company Inc.
Redcliffe’s Premier  Little Theatre Company
Even   though   she   was   only   in   grade   8,   Erica   Yurken   knew   she   was   destined   for   a glittering   career   on   the   stage.   Never   in   any   doubt   about   her   own   genius,   she   felt superior to everyone at notorious Barringa East. That   is,   until   Alison   Ashley   unexpectedly   turned   up   –   beautiful,   rich,   clever,   and   as well-behaved as a nativity angel. Yet   Erica   knew   that   Drama   Night   at   the   annual   school   camp   would   provide   the   ideal opportunity to get the better of Alison Ashley! Ticket prices will be $5 for kids under 14 and $10 for the rest. Shows will be on 2/3/9/10 @ 7:30 pm and 4/11 June @ 2 pm. Watch promo video
Ad ap t e d  f or th e   s t ag e  b y R ich ar d  T u llo ch   Arr ang ed  wit h P en gu in Ran do m Hou s e P ty L t d   D ir e ct e d  b y T anj a St anl e y   P e rf orman c e  d a t e s: 2/ 3/ 9/ 10 Ju n e  2017 @7:30 p m   4/ 11 Ju n e  2017 @ 2 p m   Price s: $5 f or kids U14 and  $10 a d ults   Boo kin gs: 0439 - 954- 719 w w w . mou setr ap t h e a t r e .asn .au